About Us

Founded in 2000, Daro Manufacturing Services is an integral part of Daro Group.

Our robust British design, development, fabrication and product assembly services are based on strong foundations of many decades of expertise.

We have developed a streamlined process to ensure your experience of working with us is straightforward and transparent.

Being part of Daro Group, we benefit from the wider support of the Group’s central resources such as strategic planning, sales & marketing, financial planning & management and on-going investment.

Our-Vision - Daro Manufacturing Services, Sudbury, Suffolk, UK

Building on many decades of expertise, our vision is to be recognised as the most trusted, agile and responsive British manufacturing partner delivering solutions to problems from specification to prototyping through to production, assembly and delivery.

Our Mission - Daro Manufacturing Services, Sudbury, Suffolk, UK

Investing in our valued resources our mission is to deliver design and production excellence as standard for our wide range of customers across diverse sectors.

Our Strategy - Daro Manufacturing Services, Sudbury, Suffolk, UK

Integrating decades of design, product and service expertise our agile structure adopts lean manufacturing processes to generate growth for longevity. Our customers will benefit from our continuous investment in equipment, processes and people to ensure our engineering needs of tomorrow are met.

Our Values - Daro Manufacturing Services, Sudbury, Suffolk, UK

Our core value is simple. Our thinking and decisions are guided by the philosophy of you win, we win.

Meet The Team

Mervyn Douglas

Mervyn Douglas

Managing Director

Mervyn joined Daro in 2016 bringing 20 years’ experience in business and finance. His role is to lead the strategic direction of Daro, managing continuous investment in resources to enable people, businesses and the group to achieve their long-term objectives.

Darrell Jamieson

Darrell Jamieson

Design Engineer and Project Manager

Darrell joined the group in 2008 and has touched almost every aspect of the business. This extensive experience has given him the foundation to excel in his role as design engineer, account manager and project leader.

Stuart Clark

Stuart Clarke

Head of Sales

Stuart has 30 years’ experience of subcontract sheet metal & plastic vacuum forming. He joined Daro as sales manager 2011 and has always been passionate about this industry. He thrives on continuous learning and improvement and welcomes each new opportunity and fresh challenge that every day brings.

Rod Debenham

Rod Debenham

Production Manager

Rod joined Daro in 2006 having worked in engineering and manufacturing since the early 1990s. His role is to manage the production team ensuring customers’ expectations are met with quality products and on-time deliveries.

Henry Winmill

Graduate Engineer

Henry joined Daro in 2020 after graduating from Swansea University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Applying his academic knowledge to real-world engineering, his role is to oversee the group’s drawing control and to create 3D computer-aided design models, working alongside the management and production teams.

Supported By

Sarah Pennock

Sarah Pennock

Head of Group Finance and Human Resources

Sarah is Group head of finance and human resources, overseeing the accounts and a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountant (CIMA). Since joining Daro in 2004 Sarah’s role has continuously developed to now encompass overseeing group IT, health & safety and property services as well as finance and human resources.

Karen Winter

Karen Winter

Head of Marketing

Karen joined the group in 2019 bringing over 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing.  Her role is to develop marketing strategies across the group, lead the branding to create consistency whilst maintaining individuality.

Dave Cheale

Dave Cheale

Head of Compliance and Quality Assurance

Dave Joined Daro in 2017 as operations manager in Daro Connectivity. Prior to that he worked in a number of telecom related companies for 35 years. He brings highly valuable experience in design & production engineering and leads compliance and quality assurance practices for the group.

Jason Fairless

Jason Fairless

Procurement Manager

Jason joined Daro in 2007. Previously working as the procurement manager for UV Systems and Wedeco UV Systems Plc. He brings 20 years’ purchasing experience to the group.

Rachel Miles

Rachel Miles

Finance Assistant and Business Support

Rachel joined Daro in 2017. In addition to making our customers, suppliers and visitors feel very welcome she assists with the accounts and works closely with all of the business divisions where needed.

To discuss our next challenge, please contact us either by calling 01787 881191, or email info@daromanufacturingservices.co.uk we’d be delighted to hear from you.