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Product Design & Development

Product Design & Development Services

Embracing continuous improvement, we pride ourselves on being agile and responsive and are trusted by the customers we serve. Being part of Daro Group, we access investment and services that help us to deliver excellence as standard.

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Product Design and
Development Process

Our product development process combines 3D modelling with computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacture (CAM),
with additive (3D printing) and subtractive manufacturing also known as machining.

Whether you need a new product or a redesign to achieve cost reductions, or you need design and integration of electrical systems, each design
and development project follows a process that has been developed from decades of experience and highly trained individuals.

1. Specification
By ensuring that we have a comprehensive understanding of your requirements we develop a robust, agreed design specification.
2. Concept Design
Includes product examples, materials and finishes along with drawings. These include mechanical, electrical, passive optical and PCB layouts. You’ll also benefit from our expert advice on materials to optimise performance and how we’ll work to the most efficient and cost-effective production methods.
3. Proposal
The concept design enables us to generate an indication of initial budgetary costs. This helps to avoid additional unforeseen costs and gives you full visibility of the project timescale from design to pre-production.
4. Feasibility
The feasibility study gives you evidence that your goals are achievable, confidence in your investment in your design project and allows us to finalise costings.
5. Circuit Design
Our engineers use dedicated PCB software to design electronic circuits and capture schematics. The software provides unique collaboration between electrical and 3D mechanical design team, which can be critical for the overall success of electronic product design project.
6. Mechanical Design
Using the latest 3D modelling software means that we can produce detailed mechanical design for machines and mechanical elements such as shafts, bearings, clutches, gears and fasteners, as well as tools and sensors. Our lean manufacturing processes mean that you can be assured your product will be easily, sustainably, economically and consistently manufactured.
7. Prototyping
Benefiting from the combination of experience, software, 3D printing and our agile approach, we can quickly produce prototypes. The prototyping stage gives you visibility of our plan for efficient material usage and the detailed bill of materials (BOM).
8. Pre-production
The final stage in the process is to produce a small batch of products so that any production issues are discovered early and prevent any delays to the agreed production schedule.
9. Approvals
Our dedicated controlled environment facility provides the conditions required to undertake electrical safety testing and EMC review for you to complete the necessary product approval process.
10. Verification
For your peace of mind we advocate verification at each stage of the design process whilst implementing continuous improvement; with a last and final verification against the original specification before your product is released for production.

Product packaging design and manufacturing

Using the latest and leading 3D design software, a large selection of manufacturing and assembly processes and our years of expertise we design and manufacture packaging for the protection of the products we manufacture for you. This is particularly useful where high-value and fragile goods require protection during each stage of the logistics process. This type of packaging is re-useable, recyclable and where required we produce and supply to your Just in Time (JIT) and KANBAN processes.

Bespoke packaging can:

  • Increase customer satisfaction as products arrive in excellent condition
  • Reduce packaging and transportation costs
  • Reduce waste, using packaging designed for purpose
  • Give you control over materials to meet compliance or environmental needs

Materials and Wastage

You can benefit from our extensive experience in sourcing the best materials for your product according to product type, application, environment or compliance.

Where specific material properties such as chemical resistance, antistatic, anti-microbial or flame resistant are required, we have the experience and can supply certificates of conformity with full traceability.

Our adoption of lean manufacturing processes puts eliminating waste at the heart of what we do. Working with recycled materials also helps to reduce costs. Everything that can be recycled is recycled and, in some cases, such as metal and alloys, this is 100%. Recycling as much of our own waste materials is part of our journey towards acheiving ISO 14001.